About Our Company

About Our Company

R.T.M Logistics was built on the standard of exceptional service, reliability and trustworthy relationships- all while keeping the client’s confidentiality in mind. Years of successful business have made us a force in the community that is recognized from our management team

About Us

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At the terminals operated by RTM Logistics, a wide variety of liquid bulk products are stored. Those products are classified in four groups: oil products, chemicals and LPG, bio-fuels and vegetable oils, and LNG. We also offer additional handling services at our terminals.

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Crude Oil Storage

R.T.M Logistics has storage and handling of crude oil coming from the marine terminal through four transfer lines, occupies the southeastern part of Netherlands. The depot consists of 32 tanks with double seal floating roofs and a total capacity of more than 2 million cubic metres.

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What We Do


We connect oil flows around the world and through out our facilities with modern equipments and technology.

Auto Transport Services

R.T.M Logistics through its trucking unit offers mutually beneficial cooperation in transportation of light and dark oil

Tank Storage

Capacity of crude oil and oil product storage tanks of R.T.M Logistics in Rotterdam alone totals to 504 500 m3. Each cargo batch is


R.T.M Logistics operates 31 vessels of the total freight including: 15 self-propelled vessels; 12 non-self-propelled vessels; 4 push tugs. In addition,


R.T.M Logistics is one of the leaders in bunkering in Central Europe. This is as a result of the effectiveness and reliability of our company in Ports of Netherlands

Inward Water Ways Transportation

R.T.M Logistics carries out vast transportation on Inland Waterways Oil products in the Netherlands

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Do you need any of the services we offer? Do not hesitate to contact us, as our  team our experts will assist you.