R.T.M Logistics processing, transporting, and storing of crude oil or refined petroleum products in tank farm and terminal operations entail custody transfers of partner and commingled stock, significant volumes of data from various sources, and blending complexities. As these bulk liquids are loaded and offloaded, there is a large transfer of high value, which makes it imperative for oil and gas companies to efficiently manage their inventory and maximize return on investment.

Enabling increased measurement accuracy and process control

R.T.M Logiistics understands our client need to optimize tank farm and terminal operations with accurate and timely information, including temperature, pressure, and density and viscosity measurements. Proven in the oil and gas industry, our reliable, ruggedized solution encompasses advanced process control, powerful visualization, and integrated work process management capabilities—enabling you to continuously monitor and automatically manage the critical parameters of your inventory.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of our solutions with other terminal automation systems and functions enables you to improve business processes such as order taking, shipment scheduling, customer billing, tank stock management, and maintenance planning. As a result, you can proactively coordinate service delivery for increased overall efficiency and reduced costs for greater return on investment.

Key benefits:

  • Optimized stock inventory due to the ability to continuously monitor physical stock levels and track detailed information on quantities and mass.
  • Faster payback time with increased measurement accuracy on critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and density levels, which can then be made immediately available to produce “bill of loading”.
  • Improved operational efficiency and consistency with digitized workflows, eliminating errors and delays related to manual processes.
  • Improved quality in your blending processes with complete data collection, robust batch management, clear process visualization, and powerful supervisory control capabilitie.
  • Simplified business processes related to handling the management of stock owned by different parties.